Luke's F56 Cooper S

So it starts back in 2019 when my Civic FN died and went to car heaven.

I was on the look for a turbo hot hatch and boom! After 10 minutes of looking online this beauty hit me in the feelers. Gosh, I thought, she has potential. Putting out 200hp and 320nm of tuque from a 2.0L twin-cam turbo B48 BMW engine, I thought yes - this is a bit of me right here.

It was at this point i started looking at getting rid of the chrome. I went to a small mini event in Shropshire for inspiration and that’s were I found a beltline kit. I also found the light surrounds, LED indicators in smoked black, door handle covers, fuel cap cover and had the front chrome on the bumper wrapped in this awesome purple.

Then I found DRIVE-R, and with the help of a few frigin awesome guys we set out to further improve the looks of my pride and joy. From the livery and spraying the brake vents, to the Maxton front splitter, she started to look more and more like the build I had in mind.

And thanks to the efforts of the legends @SCOTT_DRIVE-R @RYAN_DRIVE-R and Bal Nota, the Mini took shape. But one thing was missing…

Although the car now looked epic, I was missing performance modifications as she also needed to sound great too. So we got to looking for an induction kit, I went with a Direnza induction kit as it was direct fitment with no modifications required.

With the Direnza induction kit making some of the most epic noises, she was still missing something. With that in mind, myself, Scott and Ryan discussed a couple of exhaust options. I didn’t want droning or a rasp so we set out to do a backbox delete but keeping the center resonator.

Then along came Nota Fabrication (what a legend).

He said to me “backbox delete?” " Iv got you covered".

We went through what can only be described as the best and fastest exhaust tip shopping experience i have ever had (no joke - he sent me a link and within 5 minutes I made the buy).

With the tips now in Bal’s possession he went to work, and the outcome was more than epic…

My guy created something magical, and I was also able to spend the day hanging out and learning a few things myself. Big love for this guy.

So now the car has the looks and sound I was wanting for so long. I’m truly blessed to have the car I always imagined, with the friends and club to help me through the build, the car is awesome.


Fair play @Luke, I know you love this little Mini and it shows - it’s looking and sounding great! :ok_hand:

& for those wondering, it does indeed have some poke! I still have the shocking memory of it being next to me at the drag strip! :astonished:

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