Product Recommendations

Thought it’d be a good idea to share some products with each other that we think are really good or great value for money! Obviously the Drive-R merch is the best value for money and the greatest products ever made :wink: , but what other products would you recommend? Can be anything from parts to cleaning products to fluids! Let us know!

I’ll start off by saying the Bilt Hamber cleaning products are amazing!

Never even heard of them up until last week when Tim recommended me their clay bar.
So today i’ve used their fallout remover and their claybar and can honestly say the results are amazing. Like night and day compared to using Autoglym’s Magma and claybar kit.

What products do you guys recommend?


The car plan polish No1 it’s awesome gives you some great depth and shine even on light colour cars :fire: and only need to use it once a year but use it first befor waxing


Obviously does a sick job as your Mini always looks mint!!! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Keeping in theme of the detailing products, I was given a great tip by @Dan_Clee

Once you’ve rinsed your car off with the jetwash, whilst it’s still wet, spray some quick detailer on it, then dry it like normal with a drying towel. Gets rid of any water marks and gives the car a gloss look/feel to! :blush:

My go to products are:


I’m going to try this on my next wash :+1:

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