Ryans Nismo V3 350z [Build Thread]

After wanting a bit more power and to get a bit of experience with RWD I decided to take the plunge and sell my Mk7 Mountune Fiesta Zetec S (great car, would definitely recommend!) and buy a 350Z.

Obligatory picture of my old Zetec S

From browsing the forums and online groups, I discovered the Nismo V3 kit, I loved the look of it, and this made up my mind up. I wanted a 350z, but not any 350z, I wanted a Nismo V3 350z! Now I’d decided, I also had to get realistic. Finding a genuine V3 Nismo 350z’s in the UK is about as rare as finding rocking horse excrement . Don’t quote me, but on my last check I think there were about 3 in the UK, and I knew they would fetch a pretty penny or two, or at least more than I was willing to spend.

So I had one option left, a replica kit. I would either have to buy a 350z and modify it myself, or buy one with the kit already on it. I did a bit of research to find out what the rough cost would be and weigh up my options as I couldn’t find many with the bodykit, spec, mileage and condition I wanted. It was looking like I would have to bite the bullet and start ordering the parts, until, low and behold, it popped up on Marketplace, a 350z GT spec with 60 odd thousand on the clock, a few uprated goodies, and the Nismo V3 bodykit.

A couple of trips to Manchester and back, and I was the proud owner of my replica Nismo V3 350z :slight_smile:

As with all car projects, there were a couple of little caveats. The rear V3 bumper wasn’t fitted as it had a thumb sized hole in it and the front drivers side wheel arch was worn, but all in all I was pretty happy with it and couldn’t wait to start driving and modifying it.

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